Jon Oliver has been "hit or miss" with me for some time now.

I hate the fact that his show is overly liberal at times or doesn't present the WHOLE story on some occasions.

I mean, Bill Maher is kind of annoying when he does things but it's only because most of the time, he rags on both sides of the spectrum.

I know the atrocities in Saudi Arabia but I can't really figure out why most American programs try to instill their culture and tradition to other cultures and traditions. Inasmuch as we know death is wrong and women should have a better way to represent their selves, that is not the case for most nations.

Afghanistan is a totally, different beast because who would have predicted that the introduction of rights and privileges would become the death wish for the people they "modernized".

However, Jon Oliver's piece on Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko is awesome. I remember his name when I was studying about world leaders in school and I graduated in 2002. Needless to say, Jon Oliver breaking down a dictator is cool.