I am an Ely Buendia mark.

As the frontman of The Eraserheads, I enjoy listening to... actually it's a tossup between Alapaap, Magasin, Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka, Sembreak, and Walang Nagbago.

Post-Eheads, I like Nasaan Ka, Disconnection Notice, Teacher's Pet, 20/20, Bungo sa Bangin, Poorman's Grave, Guijo Street, and Lutang.

And listing down my favorites, I realized that the music he did for Apartel kind of prepared him for this project.

I am really digging this 360 song and what's surprising is that I never knew Ely Buendia could do this kind of "summer fresh", "indie romcom-feel" music.

It feels like they met in some sort of Coke Studio-like scenario and they made a collab to combine their expertise (like when Franco collaborated with Reese Lansangan).