Back in the 2000s...


I am that old.

Anyway, Hale is a pogi rock band. There was a time when it was hard to say that their songs rock because they mostly do romantic ballads. They either sing about love or sing about breakups which is why they batched with Sponge Cola, Cueshe, 6cyclemind, Callalily, and Shamrock, among others.

With that said, I like some of their songs - particularly the upbeat ones.

Of course, The Day You Said Goodnight is a gimme. Even if it's not a jumpy song... it's an anthem for a lot of us who lived in that era. Kahit Na is my favorite Hale song though. As I said, I like upbeat and jumpy songs.

It's funny to note that I would now rock out to pogi rock songs whenever I hear them. I mean, for one, Sunday driving to Pasig is the best way to listen to old alternative OPM acts. Also, they aren't as teenybopper-ish as they were during their prime. Pogi rock is basically a lot of the songs these days anyway. And back then, they are labeled as such because their vocalists are neatly groomed unlike the bigger acts of their generation.

It's basically how we treat The Backstreet Boys whenever we see them hook up with either New Kids on the Block or N'SYNC.

Long before Lazada and Shopee made 7-7, among others, their customer's holiday... here's Pitong Araw by Hale.

Yup, I just made a blog on 7-7 highlighting Hale's Pitong Araw.

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