I was about to sleep at around 5 am when I visited my Twitter account.

Then I saw this trending.

I clicked on the link and then I saw this collaboration.

Ben&Ben teaming up with Juan Karlos and Zild is unthinkable prior. These three basically have the keys to the sudden re-emergence of OPM during the pre-pandemic times. These three installed a lot of various anthems by their selves with JK’s Buwan and IV of Spades’ Mundo (although my personal favorite is Take That Man) and Ben&Ben’s Kathang Isip leading the way. While JK was kind of relaxed during the pandemic, the other two kept their selves busy with Zild creating another group and Ben&Ben doing things on their YouTube channel and collaborating with various names in the industry – local and international.

As I understand it, the song is all about living inside the pandemic bubble. Ben&Ben starts off with depression then Juan Karlos gets in there with financial instability. Then they go to the chorus in which they look for answers… which leads us to Zild’s part in which he tells us that the future is uncertain and there is hopelessness on the horizon.


Then the three would they combine to dish hope. Yes, the world is shitty at the moment but one could struggle to survive or one could struggle to survive… and just succeed in making the best in every situation.

The song is no love story but it’s a public service announcement to everyone.

It combines a rocking tune with a wonderful message.

Unlike most collabs, at least these three were able to connect well.