I have seen this in countless documentaries and I have encountered this in a lot of books.

Coca-Cola is awesome because of what it is and what it has become. From a medicinal tonic with questionable benefits, it has turned into a worldwide brand.

Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed its taste. My parents would let me taste Coke... but they had to mix it with more water to somewhat combat the caffeine kick.

Nowadays, I enjoy Coke to dilute alcohol.

Whether you need refreshment from the hot weather, a mix for your drink, a stress relief, and just a way to gather the family around, Coke is pretty much in the thick of things.

This is why I like this video created by Magnates Media. How can a drink that either has a Santa or a cute polar bear... a drink that is endorsed by Michael Jordan... and a drink that had a lot of cool songs like this old Nikki Gil commercial...

Be a Nazi sympathizer, the brand behind union killings in South America, and an environment destroyer in Mexico, India, and other parts of the world?

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