So I bought a Magnum, P.I. Funko Pop.

If you don’t know what the show is all about, it is about a dude living in luxury in Hawaii… wearing a Hawaiian shirt wherever he goes… and is out to kick serious criminal ass.

The role launched Tom Selleck and his awesome mustache to superstar levels.

And to celebrate this Funko Pop acquisition in style, I am going to vlog about this.

Yes, I am going to video blog!

Now I always saw myself as a reluctant vlogger. I don’t like to beg for likes, follows, and subscriptions… but I know I need to pimp myself in order to get the views.

A decade ago, this would have been easy since I would just review a random FHM Philippines issue and I would have 100 views in an instant.

Now as I grow older and a tad tamer, I have to restrain myself from you know… being my old 2006 self… whatever that means.

I also have limited resources. Sure, I have a new laptop and opening Wondershare Filmora is a breeze with my current setup. With that said, my webcam is crap. It's good as a Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or Discord Video tool... but not in a production kind of way.

It looks old... which is why I made my vlog even older with all the glitch effects I could muster.

Anyway, the vlog is kind of funny… but it’s accidentally funny. I bought the Funko Pop because…

You know what? I’ll just let my vlog talk for me.

If this gets 20 views, then I would do a basketball-type vlog.

Get Sydrified.

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