I stopped collecting Tomica when I got addicted to Funko pops and NBA cards. When I was collecting diecast cars, I thought they would go up in value. Most of the base cars I collected decreased in value. Luckily, I collect Japanese cars but I doubt if they are that high in value.

But then this caught my eye.

Butt Detective.

I glimpsed the character a couple of years back and when I saw it in Lazada, I wanted to own the Tomica.

Unfortunately, it was out of stock.

By the way, this is the story of the popular series and its "Wind-breaking" Victory Dance.

Anyway, when I took my kid to Toys 'R' Us Trinoma, I saw this Tomica and to the behest of Railey, I bought the diecast.

I also bought him an ultra-expensive Nerf-like gun but this story is for another time.

The reason why I made a Butt Detective blog is that my kid wants to open the Tomica. After he saw the car, he checked the story on Youtube and he would then spam the theme song and he would then attempt to re-create his face.

When the book hit the shelves in Japan, no one in the series is discriminating against his posterior face. Yes, most of his powers and blurbs relate to poops and stinkers but at least this is not your typical slapstick comedy.

Anyway, the car looks cool but it's not enough to lure me back to Tomica collecting.

I hope.

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