I need to have my temper checked.

I won a Parks and Recreation Funko Pop set in an auction and while I think I overpaid by a thousand because there’s a dude that wanted it more...

... I got to beat a sniper.


Thirty seconds before time expired, he pulled a Hail Mary. Lucky for me, I managed to have a halfcourt heave of my own. Looking back, I still had time to slowly think of my options. But, throughout the day, he has been pretty… SUS… on how he’s going to do things. I mean, as a WWE fan, I live for swerves.

With that said, of course, I am going to go insane if, with ten seconds, I am going to lose.

I just remember that I don’t own a LeBron James pop.

I have two Michael Jordan pops though.


Anyway, five minutes after the deadline, my hands are still trembling.

Man, I was clutch!

This is the first time I participated in an auction and I came out the winner.

Of course, I have the buyer’s guilt. When I was talking to my wife via Facetime, the rush was still there. When I sold my Giannis Antetokounmpo rookie card, I was looking for a way to spend it properly.

Yes, I will still buy a sofa bed.

Or perhaps I was thinking of the new Playstation?

But I also wanted to use the money to pursue things. I think I need to have ads on this website. I am also going to look for NBA rookie cards. The projected stars are Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman, LaMelo Ball, Deni Avdija, and Obi Toppin. I don’t like the chances of Wiseman doing well as he’s probably going to be the Darko Milicic of his batch (talented rookie playing for a championship-hunting squad) but perhaps pursuing Edwards, Ball, Avdija, Toppin, the Detroit pick at seven, the New York pick at eight, the Washington pick at nine, and the Spurs pick at eleven are interesting picks.

I am going to check out every Courtside singles binder available but at the same time, I am going to look for an awesome rookie card. I am also going to sell my Tomica collection and I mean for real now. From the 2019 NBA Draft, RJ Barrett, Coby White, Rui Hachimura, Cam Reddish, PJ Washington, Sekou Doumbouya, Kevin Porter, Eric Paschall, and Tyler Herro are potential hotspots with a possible rise from Wendell Carter Jr., Michael Porter Jr., Miles Bridges, Lonnie Walker, and Devonte Graham in the 2018 version.

I am also thinking of re-selling the Parks and Recreation pops. I don’t know if I want to break them… but I guess I can get at least 10,000 if I break the set. Ron Swanson barely has value and for as long as I can resist pulling them out of the box, I am going to profit from this.

It’s too soon though. I am a Brooklyn Nine-Nine away from completing the Michael Schur Big Four Funko Pop collection. In terms of characters, I am a Jan Levinson away from completing The Office (although they need to have an Oscar, Erin, and Ryan Howard pop). I have also finished The Good Place (although Eleanor and Janet are still in transit)… and I think I need to look for the double pack with Tom and Jean-Ralphio if I am going to double down on Parks and Recreation. I think I need to buy the Will and Grace and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia pops but these two shows take a backseat if there is a way for me to have the New Girl pops. I got late in the game with Friends and The Big Bang Theory but I think Scrubs and Community are, after all, my favorites of the bunch.

That’s 70 Show and Malcolm in the Middle!!!

Ultimately, it was my love for the show and my penchant for collecting and with the possibility of selling that led me to pool my resources for the Funko pops. From the moment I saw the Funko Pops in auction up until 9:30 pm, I was singing the Lil Sebastian song. I will never buy P&R's holy grails but I'm sure as hell satisfied with what I got.

Another auction? Let's just say I am going to take a break from Funko Pop collecting. I have already pre-ordered Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson as well as Robin Sparkles, the Cobra Kai protagonists (or antagonists depending on which side you're rooting for), and the Yoko Kurama pop.

Never say never but at this point, I am looking to return to NBA cards.