After seven months, I finally got the chance to visit a barbershop.

Initially, I wanted to go to ANY beauty parlor. I wanted a person of rich, cutting expertise to finally give me an undercut. I finally got to grow my hair like that of Empoy Marquez and Ely Buendia when he was still with The Eraserheads. I know, this combo is a bit insane… but having directionless hair became my thing.

The last time I was afraid of taking a haircut... it was 1987!

So I visited the Bruno’s Barbers branch beside Ever Commonwealth last Saturday after tagging along with my dad at Shopwise. Don’t worry… I paid for most of the goods… but that’s only because I wanted to buy budget-friendly alcoholic beverages, a ton of junk food, packs of pansit canton, and sachets of creamy coffee. I did dream of having my hair done though. I wanted to get the Ashton Kutcher That’s 70s Show hair… but all the vibes I was getting is that of Rowlf the Dog – or the pianist dog puppet from The Muppets.

After the receptionist took my temperature, I started to fill out a form. And then I walked towards the spot I was going to sit. It was your typical barbershop moment… only I was scared because the barber was touching my face, got bibbed with a paper-based barber cape, and the barber hardly used any water on me. And then he cut my hair and the hair was everywhere.

So, the barber used no water and he cut the hair away with little to no disregard? Turns out he used the hairdryer as a virtual leaf blower. I kind of get why he never used water – because that’s the thing I was accustomed to when I randomly cut my hair on the shower.

I will let my hair grow and style it like a homeless samurai the next time. I was too concerned about the safety issues that I just let the barber go insane on my hair.

I miss the times when I would wake up kind of peeved because the barber cut my hair short… or experimented on some wacko hairstyle.

Get Sydrified.

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