I am on the verge of becoming a Tito.

Well, I know I am already.

Legally, I am a grandfather now.

There are terms I don’t know. There are songs I don’t want to hear.

There are actors that I don’t want to see.

Anyway, I saw this Angela Martin Funko Pop from a Facebook page and I had to buy it. If I bought a Stanley or a Kelly Kapoor pop, then why wouldn’t I buy an Angela pop? She’s probably my third-best Office female character after Pam and Erin.

And yeah, I am also hunting on that Jan Levinson pop.

Anyway, I thought they were going to book it for me. After I paid online, that’s not the case. I am but a lonely caveman trying to hook up on the Angela pop. I was on the verge of buying it via Amazon en route to a place in Kansas where my kid sister lives.

It was either I go to have an adventure in Greenhills… or just re-configure my brain for tekkie things.

Booking Lalamove is a tekkie thing. I don’t do Grab. I have never booked a Foodpanda. I don’t do Spotify. And I have yet to check out Netflix. Can I be an old school tekkie? I mean… I do Torrent because I want to own songs and series. Sure I have seen the second season of The Umbrella Academy… but I am downloading decade-old shows like That 70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle, and New Girl.


This… is… new… to… me.

But I guess I need to adapt. I learned how cool it is to settle credit card debts and housing loans online and it has worked for me. Every month, I use my credit card to buy online things and that led me to buy things from people despite the distance.

Hell, I installed Bluestacks on my computer so I wouldn’t punch letters on my phone.

So for less than an hour, I constantly looked at my monitor to follow the rider. Needless to say, it worked. I also got why my previous Lalamove experiences sucked. Instead of writing my street, the first thing I did is to write my subdivision. For two consecutive days, the rider virtually went off the grid and was on the other side of Quezon City. At the note section, I wrote a lot of notes and pinned the arrow at the best spot available. I tracked the rider and he did not overshoot his destination.

I am now a proud owner of an Angela Martin Funko pop and I am at a standstill as to whether or not I want to get the pop out of the box.

And this gave me an idea. Maybe now, I can sell the other things in my room. I have tons of cool things that I don’t need here.

Get Sydrified.

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