I don’t know if I am a huge Zion Williamson fan or not.

Truth be told, it’s nice to see him bulldoze his way against the players with the “combo forward” tag. Honestly, the reason these players are always injured is that they take a premium on speed and agility that they mess up with their power. He’s like a small Shaquille O’Neal or a taller Charles Barkley in terms of muscling his way against the competition… and it’s not like the competition has something against him.

Zion needs to have a backup in New Orleans though. The Pelicans need to get a better point guard and a lot of accolades to him more popular and to make his cards more expensive.

I guess I am a bit conservative in tracking down his cards though. I have yet to buy his Prizm rookie card but I do want to own one in a couple of years. I like the fact that I spammed on the Chronicles line and got a bunch of his cards.

I guess Zion’s third year would be the cap on whether or not I am going to continue collecting his cards. It’s the same cap I have with Ja Morant and my Hail Mary pick, Darius Bazley.

Maybe if he’s going to go to Boston then maybe he’ll be a bigger star for me?