The lack of Ben Simmons is ruining the Philadelphia 76ers and the most amazing thing about this is… I AM A BOSTON CELTICS FAN!


On a related note, my other Eastern Conference squad – the Toronto Raptors – are off to a 2-0 record.

And then as if I latched on some sort of uhurm… bandwagon… the Portland Trail Blazers are doing well against the top-seed Los Angeles Lakers.

I guess in a couple of hours from now, I am going to be the owner of perhaps the most polarizing game in all of history. It’s a game that guys like Troydan, Agent 00, and other YouTubers cringe at… but at the same time can’t live without.

NBA 2K20!

For a limited time, NBA 2K20 has a 92 percent discount on Steam. I never had a chance to play the NBA game for most of my post-college life because I used my laptop for Microsoft Office-related things but I’m sure as hell that I am going to enjoy opening dud packs, checking out crappy locker room codes, and trying to test the possibility of winning online bouts despite my inability to care about the three-point area.

Yup, I am a 90s guy so I am going to SPAM the post-up moves AND midrange jumpers.

I know it became a bargain because of the nearing end of the season but seeing as how crazy the current landscape and how at… 188 PESOS… I get to play online basketball, then that’s something worth noting.

The only drawback is that it will hurt your computer. When I bought my computer, it had 500GB of space. If you have Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Adobe Master Collection CS6 (an old, outdated version that is still awesome), and Wondershare Filmora plus games like CS: GO, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, and a Bluestacks software… installing 98GB is a whole lot of torture.

As I said, NBA 2K20 has a 92 percent discount on Steam. If you want to create a whole new league complete with your face plastered in each and every one of them, then who’s stopping you now?

Get Sydrified.

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