A good leader can have one term to change things.

Then what?

A typical leader can either undo what his predecessor did or corrupt the policies the aforementioned previous leader made and everything the previous leader did will be for naught.

This is why I don't like election-related shits.

Because I believe power automatically corrupts a person.

A tried and tested formula for the best leaders (or worst leaders, regardless of opinion) is through infrastructure projects. As I said, a good leader can have six years of excellent governance but a good building made by a dictator can last for more. Saving money is good and all but there is also a chance for it to land on bad leaders.

Good governance comes after.

We forget Lee Kuan Yew was a dictator because of what Singapore has transformed into. He ruled the country for nearly half a century and had a bunch of questionable human rights moves. The only reason why we don't call it Martial Law is because the country insists that it isn't. But as Niccolo Machiavelli would put it, "The end justifies the means".

Also, I doubt if Lee can do what he did if he only had six years.

The thing about the current admin is that it's a sequel to the previous one. I know he will make it his own just like any other song cover but Plato is a sequel to Socrates. Yes, they have issues but they pretty much have a linear thought.

There are two things that strike me in the current admin's vision. One is that I hate the K-to-12 project and I think he wants to get rid of it. It was hastily approved to benefit a presidential candidate and it messed up the curriculum during its stint. Instead of improving schools in rural areas, they added two more years. Before the pandemic, I was amazed that my son knows about the five oceans in the world. Now, my son just turned eight and for a kid that lived on YouTube, his subject-verb agreement is questionable. The thing about K-to-12 is that it was made for the Filipinos to become globally competitive but it never says anything about the Filipinos that are trying to survive. And speaking of globally competitive...

I am not dissing the Trump supporters here. I am dissing their lack of knowledge on the things that happened on January 6. How can they stand up for a person who instigated a riot in their country's capital? This happened in the Philippines too - during the EDSA 3 mob. In defense of the participants, they went to the Malacanang Palace without the threat of violence... or at least the then-current administration was ready to protect the Palace... and the January 6 proceedings have neither.

Anyway, why are we pleasing these people because regardless of educational attainment or good moral character - would treat them differently because of race?

And aren't they scrambling at the moment - focusing more on the hearings as a smokescreen to the gas problems? It's also high here but at least we are still friends with the people who hate them?

It's the same with America, Europe, and most the other countries. They will always favor their own the same way we favor ours. K-to-12 is a stupid move that should have never been implemented and at the same time, should have never been recognized by the succeeding administration.

Then there's the agricultural aspect. If the previous administrations peppered the Metro with a subway and a bunch of railroad lines and superhighways, then giving back to the farmers and the livestock raisers is the next big step. A kilo of tomato is around 50 to 60 pesos in Lazada but just imagine how much it originally is with all the packing and transportation costs?

How about in the wet markets? I bet tomatoes and other goods are cheaper... which makes the rationale of giving farmers just compensation more important.

Instead of putting his best foot forward, he automatically has his smelly foot messing the place up. There is no better way to ask for a target than having a dictator lineage.

So there is nowhere else to go but up?

Unlike the other presidents who went after their foes, he needs to just go to work and just embrace the hate. I know he veered away from interviews and debates because the interviewers are probably going to unearth the events he wanted to forget. This is why he needs to please the 30+ million voters that more or less are in the provinces.

Also, he needs to be a model citizen and pay his taxes and his past discrepancies.

Anyway, we have a new admin now.

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