The last Funko Pop I bought is WWE's Dude Love.

Last May, I think.

I guess after three years of spamming, I want to just want to sit back and wait for my next big project.

Where are How I Met My Mother's Marshall and Lily? When will we get a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Funko Pop? And I get why we can't have Hyde but what about Eric, Donna, Kelso, Jackie, Fez, Red, and Kitty?

They better make a That 70s Show Funko pop...

Anyway, of the sitcom pops I am looking forward to, there were also a lot of pops I missed. The first edition of Friends is one - because the next two editions of the pops aren't as iconic. With that said, I managed to attain the other versions of Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe.

And then there's New Girl. The Zooey Deschanel-led series is awesome. While yeah, I am more of a Schmidt and Cece fan, I just want to own a Jess and Nick pop more.

The pops are expensive.

Locally, I have seen a couple... but it's either Winston or Cece... and this was before the pandemic. I might buy the ones sold on ebay but the thing about me is that I have over 200 Funko pops in my room.

Basketball cards are space savers compared to Funko pops.

I still want to have them though. I am a fan of the show and during the pandemic, I would spam the show to make things sane. If there's a show that actually helped me in the pandemic, it's New Girl and the Korean show Running Man.

There are no Running Man Funko pops but there are New Girl Funko pops.

Can they just have a Series 2 of the pop?

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