Nikola Vucevic is my fantasy league MVP for almost three seasons now.

And after years with the Orlando Magic, Vooch was sent to the Chicago Bulls for basically Wendell Carter Jr. and Al-Farooq Aminu.

Inasmuch as I want Vooch as the premier star, he’s going to join Billy Donovan’s merry crew of awesomeness. Zach LaVine is going to be his upgraded version of Evan Fournier and Coby White should develop into a better baller now they have a bonafide stud giving him a lot of opportunities to ball like hell.

I think I’m going with the Chicago Bulls now. I am not feeling my Boston Celtics at the moment (where is Kemba) and I’m even enjoying the New York Knicks at the moment. I wouldn’t want to see Vooch in New York though… because Julius Randle is doing his best Bernard King impression at the moment. Randle is more than King actually at the moment… but well, New York is doing wonders with a combo forward leading the squad as if he’s the MSG version of Sacramento’s Chris Webber.

As for Vooch, let’s just say it’s time for him to level up. It sucks that people see him as merely a good player playing for a bad team – which kind of stained his All-Star participation. He’s more than a poster boy of a weak squad and he’s going to show this in Chi-Town.

I just remembered. Orlando flipped Dwight Howard for a platoon of players that had Nikola Vucevic.

Now Orlando traded Vooch for Wendell Carter, Jr.