I have a ton of games installed on my computer but I am going to work.

Yes, it’s Ninoy Aquino Day and I am going to work!


From gaming to blogging to editing to working… I am currently torn on a lot of things.

I just said I am working now here I am blogging.

I need to check my priorities, man.

I guess the first thing that needs to go is my apps. I have a ton of things installed on my computer and I think the latest one is the worst one. Yes, something isn’t right about the NBA2K20 game. Maybe it’s because it’s a bit choppy or the game experiences of my other games are better? I just don’t feel that this is like the one I had when I was a kid. The thing about the other games I am playing is the fact that they are all stress busters.

I can step away from work to play CS: GO during lunchtime or I would play a bit of DOTA 2 after work or before I go to sleep. Clash Royale and WWE Supercard aren’t as mind-numbing now and I can play them while timecoding.

Starcraft 2 is another game I am about to uninstall but that’s the game that gave me lifelong friends… so even if I am struggling… the thought of us playing it again and making them pay for treating me as the bait for most, if not all of our Starcraft run is just a dream come true.

And now I have fallen in love with blogging all over again.

The Anything Goes brand is what it is. I will blog about the things that I like without thinking about direction… or views… even if I am constantly checking on my views and still have yet to find the courage to properly launch it on all of my social media sites.

Time to work?

Before I finished this blog, I played Starcraft 2 to check on whether or not I want to uninstall it. Turns out, playing five games in a row MADE ME UNDERSTAND THE GAME I ENJOYED ALMOST TWO DECADES AGO! In some ways, AI Starcraft 2 is better than playing AI DOTA 2.

And this got me thinking.

Time to play?

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