The Electro Giant.

It kind of sucks.

But maybe it's just me.

The thing about my Clash Royale decks is that I want to keep my average elixir cost at 3.5. From that point alone, the Electro Giant is a pain to use at eight to cast. Golem, the other big elixir spender, has Golemites to further a push. Also, I get the energy pack finger guns… but I think I would rather use the Goblin Giant. Aside from the range and the extra Spear Goblins, the Goblin Giant is a steal at six elixirs.

I guess if you're going to have a hoss card with insane casting cost, it has to do other things other than zapping an enemy. Golems have the aforementioned Golemites and ditto for the Goblin Giant. Giant Skeletons can destroy a counterattack and the Pekka is a boss when left alone. The Royal Giant is still imbalanced but even with eight casting costs, it will still be a valuable card as compared to the Electro Giant. Even the Barbarian Hut - the card I never really cared about - can either become an offensive or defensive card if you want to put it in the middle of battle.

My first impression of the character is its big-ass casting cost. I guess this is why I am not the right person to check this card out. I guess for my deck, it’s going to be a pain to kill since the melee guys I have is a Royal Ghost, Fisherman, and Cannon Cart. I guess his hit points compensate for his insane casting cost? Well, not really. I know they nerfed the card from the get-go – unlike a lot of their cards that were reconstructed after its release…

I feel this card is an uninspired sequel to a base character.

I also saw an electro spirit.

What’s next?

An electro goblin?

If they want to make a badass version of a current card, maybe they can do a Royal Delivery card with an Elite Barbarian inside of it. How about a Fire Spirit Mortar? Perhaps we can get Supercell to sign off on a Dart Goblin Hut?

BUT it still has its points. For starters, it's a good counter for the Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, and Minion Horde.

It's just the casting cost.

Just knock a couple of elixirs from it and then decrease its hit points.

Get Sydrified.

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