1x Mythical Ten

3x All-Star

Most Improved Player

500 3-Points Made

Top 10: 3-Point Percentage

1x Season Champion: 3-Points Made

Shell and San Miguel figured in a trade back in 1998 wherein the teams swapped top picks. San Miguel, of course, had the better player with two-time MVP Danny Ildefonso but Shell could have had something with Noy Castillo... until they traded him to Purefoods for either the right to select Chris Calaguio or the right to select Eric Canlas in 2002.

Anyway, dubbed The Golden Boy, Castillo helped Purefoods win two championships (much like what he did in Shell) because of his pinpoint, long-distance accuracy. As a Turbo Charger, this former Edu Manzano doppelganger shot the lights out as a shooting guard but as a TJ Hotdog, his outside sniping became tools for ascension to championship glory while also playing as the primary PG. At one point in his career, Castillo averaged 17.4 points.

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