I went insane and ruined an external hard drive.

I got two punctures on my hand to show.

It stings when I press it. I know pressing an injured area is dumb but I also used small screwdrivers that may or may not give me an infection.


So I wasted time, effort, and blood trying to fix my external hard drive. Toshiba boasted the fact that their external hard drives are hella tough and they are not kidding. Taking the lid off the hard drive is like using a nail to open a can of pork of beans.

It’s as if they are telling the world that their external hard drives are invincible.

They are not.

I have been meddling on tekkie things for some time now. A couple of days prior, I hosed down the filter of my air conditioning unit. It all started when I decided to put my Community Funko pops on top of the unit and then I noticed that there is a carpet-like texture on its filter.

I checked on the internet and based on my research, that carpet-like thing is basically a butt load of dirt.

I guess that explains that putting my thermostat on 7 is not as cold as I hoped it would be.

I got the air conditioner after my son was born. He’s now six years old. I guess more than half a decade’s worth of dirt is left unattended on its filter. Living like a bachelor for nearly seven months now, I just realized that no one uses my room when I am in Pasig. There are cobwebs under my bed and there are a lot of 90s things that I don’t want to keep like CDs from Video City, VHS tapes from ACA Video, and DVDs from Quiapo. There are also old brochures, photocopied lectures, and old junk like worn-out mousepads, diskettes, earphones, and chargers.

So after cleaning the filter, I decided to check out the contents of the air conditioner. Needless to say, I discovered that I can’t put back the cover of the aircon.


Anyway, the external hard drive in question stored a bunch of plugs from my time in ABC 5 and also kept a couple of pictures from when I was single... when I was in a BF/GF relationship with my wife, and the outputs from my current work. A week ago, I heard a clicking sound from the hard drive and then it just stopped working. I thought there is something stuck on the hard drive so I forced open the darn thing. I have a couple of small screwdrivers I got when I was looking for cute charging ports... AHEM MACHO CHARGING PORTS AT MINISO... and I tried to rip open the hard drive.

Turns out, what I did was for naught.

There is a certain kind of screwdriver needed to loosen the part where the clicking sound is… and none of the screwdrivers that penetrated my hand are capable of doing it.

So last resort – I have to seek help from a random computer repair guy to heal my hard drive.

Now I must admit, it helps that you can just google things on the internet. With that said, some people are just better with what they do. I know practice makes perfect but the last thing I want to do is march to a random emergency room because I am such a scientist.

Get Sydrified.

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