It’s been a while since I liked a Parokya ni Edgar song.

One of the greatest rock bands in all of Philippine history, the last era hasn’t been good to them. I mean, they are still a good live band… but their new songs aren’t as hot.

Especially that one with the dated and social media mention.

It had “Para sa Masa” vibes.

This one though... is fire.

Rosas had this love song-ish style that sounds current.

The first verse of the song could be easily sung by Zild while the chorus can be done by Ben and Ben.


I can see the band going to the route of Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5 in terms of using technology to enhance their musicality. The thing about PNE is that their live albums are awesome so they can experiment with their sounds on their studio albums. The Yes Yes Show is an example of how their live version rocks the studio version. Harana and Your Song also somewhat fall in the same category.

Also, Chito Miranda has such an awesome voice. For as long as the song is believable (they should really refrain from doing social media songs to provide a timeless feel), they are going to get back to their awesome ways. While I hate Friendzone Mo Mukha Mo, Sing and Lagi Mong Tatandaan are great songs.

Especially Sing – a song that combines the style of Parokya with the awesomeness of Rico Blanco.

Anyway, check the song out.