I was aimlessly wandering around YouTube when I saw the comedy version of the Pepsi Philippines ad. I have seen the ad before... and so I skipped it.

Moments later, as I was checking out a Packman pack opening video, the video again went straight to the ads. Pissed like hell, I noticed that it's a different version.

The comedy version is corny - but I think that was intentional. The drama version showed off former PBA D-League draft pick Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo's shtick as well as the acting chops of Pam Swing, current UP Fighting Maroon Ricci Rivero, and lemme just copy-paste his name because it's complicated... Mimiyuuuh.

Honestly... triple U?!?

Anyway, I got curious, and when I checked out Pepsi Philippines' YouTube page, I discovered that there is also a horror version.

Then I realized that this is a campaign centered around MMFF.

Before the pandemic, malls at this point are jampacked with peeps of all ages. They are probably spending time with their families or hunting the place down for last-minute presents or they are about to check out the new releases. Usually, the movies delve into the scary, the ultra-sappy, and the graphics-heavy but ultra-corny comedy-fantasies.

I rarely check out these movies. I know the festival has given Philippine Cinema a lot of awesome things. The only movies I remembered watching inside the cinema house are Crying Ladies, Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, but I would have wanted to check out Rizal, Muro-Ami, Tanging Yaman, Die Beautiful, and the other movies of my pre-birth like Kisapmata, Insiang, and Himala.

Anyway, Pepsi Philippines has had a lot of awesome campaigns through the years (like Pepsi Blue and Pepsi Pinas).

Hit sa Sarap is no different.