Taal Lake looks pretty when it's not spewing dust particles in the air.


Anyway, my cousin from Colorado surprised the hell out of everyone when he decided it was cool to just visit the Philippines without any one of us know about it.

For almost three years, I have been hiding in my room. I am a man of habit – and during that period I bury myself at work, alternate coffee and alcohol in my system (sometimes both at the same time), and then end the day with a Pasig City conversation.

LDR sucks.

Anyway, as I spammed hard on work, my cousins went inside my room so I can enjoy my life.

Then the next day, I found myself in a car en route to Batangas.

And then a couple of hours later, I’m in Tagaytay.

So the last time I was in Picnic Grove, the zipline is longer.

Anyway, my aunt, plus my cousins, and their spawns went there during the People Power holiday. Of course, I was there without knowing the extent of this visit. I know we're still in a pandemic and if I remember correctly, there is nothing much to do there.

There were a lot of people, it is cold as hell, and I got to admit, it’s a nice way to recharge and refuel. I also like the fact that I became a virtual tourist. Picnic Grove has changed since I last been there and there are a lot of shops to eat and to buy souvenirs.

I have sat in my chair for so long that I finally remembered how walking makes me contemplate things. I can stand and walk happily when I am not obliged to (like people telling me to exercise) and I just like how nature makes me think of other things.

Yes, my armpits are ridiculously sweaty from all the walking and street food feasting but hopefully, I get to do this more often.