Not to disrespect Luka Doncic, Devin Booker, and Jayson Tatum but why in the blue hell is Joel Embiid in the All-NBA Second Team?

Does this mean that if Nikola Jokic lost to Embiid and went number two in the voting, then he's going to the All-NBA Second Team?

And it's not even a crazy thought to have Embiid and Jokic in the same five as we have had combo guards, combo forwards, SGs doubling as SFs, and PFs doubling as Cs in the course of basketball history. It's crazy to think that in a time of Team Lebron versus Team <insert the second player to lead in All-Star voting>, play-In tournaments, and mid-season tournaments (a possibility), the NBA has trouble adjusting to position-less All-NBA Teams.

It's hard to take anyone out from the First Team but it's easy to debate for Joel Embiid. Embiid in the Second Team is as bizarre as a Jerry West Finals MVP award despite losing the championship and a Dave Cowens MVP award despite being on the All-NBA Second Team.

And while I am a Boston Celtics fan, it's interesting to note that Embiid had 663 fewer votes as compared to Embiid in the MVP race. Embiid had 706 total points with all but one point coming outside the first to third-place votes with Tatum having zero first to third-place votes as the rest of his votes were mostly in the fifth-place spot.

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