So I am still transferring my blogs to this site.

I figure I am going to pace my migration and to a couple of quick articles. As much as I like my precious PBA stats that I compiled a couple of months ago, I’m still iffy on whether or not I’m going to commit to long-ass articles.

I am also trying hard to shrug the NBA re-start. I agree with the whole Black Lives Matter campaign but I am still against the whole bubble scenario. It’s like they banded to piss off Donald Trump... by continuing their season because well... Trump’s presidency centers on America’s economy. It’s basically like The Trolley Problem. Would you rather see a bunch of Americans sitting pretty on their homes jobless... or would you rather see a bunch of Americans trying to live their lives as if there’s no pandemic? I guess some of us deserve a life worth living... but so do other people.


Did I just reference The Good Place?

Work kicked my ass right from the get-go but I got an awesome package from Shopee after dinner.

I think I documented the unboxing.

I think.

I just finished watching the second season of The Umbrella Academy. I also realized how most Youtubers are a bunch of dicks because while they’ll say “spoiler alert” on their vlogs... the thumbnails of their videos are pretty much giveaways.

So there.

Get Sydrified.

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