The Donner Party!

I once saw JK Party play a game about their journey and it’s a lot like Secret Hitler… but with a different kind of reward!

Being a fan of history, I have stumbled on the Donner Party story. I wish I haven’t known though – because it’s a story you can’t speak of during happy occasions. If you know the story, you’re better off forgetting about it because this is a case of people grabbing a chance for success which ended up poorly.

Extremely poorly.

Now coinciding with my thrill for past achievements… as well as horrible occurrences, throughout the course of history, I am also a big fan of the work of Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej. Sure, I have seen The Try Guys as well as their other videos but the thing that got me “buzzing” on their channel is Buzzfeed Unsolved. The long-running series is all about cold cases as well as things we can rule out as fiction like Men in Black, aliens, haunted mansions, and demonic forces.

The duo has since created Watcher – a channel they created with frequent JK Party guest and fellow Buzzfeed player Steven Lim in which they combined history, quirky places, Asian-American life, and horror stories.

Puppet History is a spin-off of Ruining History. Shane leads the series with Ryan reprising his role as the know-it-all, perpetual guest. I think the 1904 Olympic Marathon is my favorite… although the presentation of the Mt. Vesuvius is just as funny. And I guess the one with the Black Death is just as memorable because it was the virtual test drive of the series on the then-new Watcher channel.

So back to the Donner party. I vaguely know about the event so I like how the little details were relayed by Shane (as The Professor). I also liked the fact that this infamous event could have been averted if they just a bit of patience as well as foresight on how to do things.

Now I want to see The Boys wander off to Donner Lake for an Unsolved story. Ryan could bring his noisy contraption and just go insane with the noises of the forest.

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