I guess I am going to do this every Monday.

The PBA has this schedule wherein the bulk of the games happen during the latter part of the week. They also strategically made all their games finish at around 8:00pm so they can squeak past the network dramas.

Anyway, it sucks that the first two picks are currently out but at least we are seeing the NCAA guys doing well.

I guess this will start next week?

Converge has already three games and while there's a Letran Knight in the Top 5, it's not the Letran Knight we thought we'd be seeing.

Also, as of this time, Brandon Ganuelas-Rosser and Jeremiah Gray aren't the only ones who have yet to see action with seven second-round picks still in reserve or free agent hell.

As mentioned, this draft is ridiculously shallow. I am also thinking of making this some sort of combo of all the pandemic drafts we have seen.

Anyway, see you next time.

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