When I was promo writing for ABC-5, I worked on the PBA. It was better for me to have a Tuesday to Saturday work schedule because aside from the fact that I go to UST to play with my friends after work, the PBA has a Sunday schedule.

But this is not a PBA story.

Back in high school, I had this set of friends I hung out with. Little is known what exactly we did... but I guess some of us did Magic: The Gathering cards, some were into OPM, some were into Anime, and some were into computer programming.

Anyway, I saw some of the pictures we had and fooling around with Adobe Photoshop, I tried to layout a magazine spread.

I mentioned this a couple of blog posts ago that I once dreamt of either being a professional league owner or becoming a sports media mogul. Back then, I collected a lot of FHM magazines and while I was into the pictures, I was really interested in the layout as well as the whole process would turn out.

In some ways, this is why I kept a blog for all these years. This is where I could go nuts on things.

And thus came Roam - my ultra-orangy creation. I actually forgot about these JPEGs but I got to remember them when I stumbled on my Deviant Art account back in the day. While it's nice to see my old works, it is really orangy. Grammarly did not exist back then so... yeah I had a lot of questionable copies and crappy remarks.



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