1x MVP

3x Mythical Five

2x Mythical Ten

Hall of Fame

Played in the 1968 Mexico Olympics

Played in the 1974 Puerto Rico FIBA World Championship

25 Greatest Players of the PBA

4x All-Star

2x All-Defensive Team

10,000 Points

2,000 Defensive Rebounds

1,000 Offensive Rebounds

2,000 Assists

500 Blocks

500 3-Points Made

2,000 Free Throws Made

Top 10: Assists Average

1x Season Champion: Total Points

4x Season Champion: 3-Points Made

2x Season Champion: Defensive Rebounds

1x Season Champion: Offensive Rebounds

2x Season Champion: Total Rebounds

6x Season Champion: Total Assists

1x Season Champion: 2-Points Made

When you say PBA, you will probably think of The Big J. Whether or not you love to love him or you love to hate him, the PBA wouldn't have stood the test of time if not for Sonny Jaworski. And if you want to skip on his popularity and move to his on-court exploits, Jaworski is probably the yardstick of a prototypical PBA combo guard. Jawo can rebound, steal, and while his tactics may have been unpopular to some, his knees, elbows, and trash-talking were both entertaining and effective. Jaworski could have been an all-time leader in 3-Points made if the shot was introduced in 1975 and could have had a better career if he didn't enter the PBA at almost 30 years of age.

And let’s not forget that he is a former PBA MVP that once almost averaged a triple-double.

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