Just get my money already!

So NOW there’s a Robin Sparkles Funko pop.

The New York Comic Con is responsible for a lot of rushed finance-related punishments. I got my Britta Perry pop here and well, in some ways I expected a Big Apple-related Funko pop is going to be thrown to the mix.

If you like the How I Met Your Mother series and HATE its last episode, you can forgive the Robin Scherbatsky character (played by the awesome Cobie Smulders) because of this incarnation.

This is like... if you listened to Debbie Gibson or Tiffany songs back in the day... or if you watched California Dreams and you’re surprised to see Kelly Packard as a Baywatch lifeguard.

Yes, I need to find a way to buy this.

With that said, I was hoping that they were going to give away the Mother as the special edition character.

Are they going to punish us again by letting us wait for a couple of years... only for the fans to get blindsided because the Funko pop is going to be the old version of Robin with her dogs?

Get Sydrified.