1x Mythical Ten

3x All-Star

5,000 Points

2,000 Assists

500 Steals

1,500 Free Throws Made

Top 10: Free Throw Percentage

Top 10: 3-Point Percentage

Everyone thinks Rudy Distrito is just a defensive-oriented guard. We just see him as that guy who grounds and pounds his opponents until he commits his sixth foul. Well, in a way he is known for his tactics but then again, Distrito is more than that. The former Crispa rookie is also a smart player with an impeccable shot selection. The Destroyer is also a clutch specialist with a career scoring average of 11.6ppg. Robert Jaworski's forces climbed from a 0-3 bind to win the 1991 First Conference partly because of his capabilities. If you're a 90s Shell fan, you're probably cringing at the sight of The Destroyer charging towards three players and scoring with just one second left in Game Seven.

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