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The subtitle looks kind of questionable... and it actually is.

As always, Running Man starts off awesome, especially whenever they question each other's familiarity. I guess Jeon So Min's "date" with the three members of ASTRO will make their fans happy but it's the interaction of the OGs that made the opening awesome.

Also, I thought Cha Eun Woo held back to give the ASTRO members screen time. This was evident during the Ji Suk Jin roast. The basketball game also held both Eun Woo and Haha back - especially since both appeared in reality shows in which they proved their skills.

Again, I am going back to the opening challenge. The male members tried to get a rose from Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook got a lot of answers right - especially the one with the color of her underwear and the one with the weight of Ji Hyo's dog. Inasmuch as I like Haha and Yang Se Chan's reactions whenever their love line is mentioned, Yoo Jae Suk's head shrug always gets me. It feels as if he's the eldest friend who wants to protect his siblings but at that point, could only shake his head because he can't deny the situation.

There is also the part in which the cast had a get-together and Suk Jin got drunk with Haha hella upset because both girls saw him as the third or fourth-best member.

I haven't seen a clip from the Song Ji Hyo game so I am posting the one posted by Snack.

As for the main game, I thought it helped make So Min a factor because she actually did well in the bungee volleyball game.

I like the part when Jae Suk is doing his awkward-but-effective serves and it was so insane that a balloon popped during his antics. Haha is understandably disrespectful to Jae Suk because he messes up scoring opportunities and then Jong Kook can't stand So Min for having fun and being somewhat effective.

Anyway, Running Man 605 looks cool.

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