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So, I was thinking about how they'll try to do Running Man Philippines. Will they do more running and do less talking? And who will man the fort?

The thing about the show is that it was originally a sports variety program. People come into the show expecting to face off against the host in physical matches - whether they are established veterans or aspiring rookies.

The hosts grew up though - and the once-30 and 40-somethings are now ten years older. Injuries have been rampant in their show and some guests are hesitant in joining them in their missions.

This is why they introduced the current version - less action and more talk.

So I guess they'll probably mix these elements in the PH version. It would lessen the impact of injuries but at the same time, they need at least run every now and then because they have a generally young roster with 34-year-olds Glaiza De Castro and Mikael Daez being the oldest of the bunch.

In the original series, Ji Suk Jin was already 44 when the series started with Yoo Jae Suk not far behind at 38. Jeon So Min is the youngest cast member at 36. Haha has stated in an interview that all the cast members suffered either slipped or herniated discs. There was even talk of ending the show in 2017 although there was also another issue that needed to get addressed.

The talk format managed to endear the audience because the less physical members were able to shine. Suk Jin and So Min thrived in this era with Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo doing other things to make their presence felt (this is why they needed the loveline).

Here's an example of Running Man excelling in the "talk" part. This is a challenge with consequences without physical repercussions.

Somehow, the PH version needs to tap on this because while they can do physical challenges, there's a tendency for it to get stale. I don't know who can talk or who can do comedy spontaneously among them but whoever is their leader needs to gel well with the rest of the members.

The current version of Bubble Gang is a classic example. Michael V is the undisputed leader of the group with Paolo Contis also getting the leader tag when the situation presents it.

Anyway, for the Korean version, I think it's okay for them to have both. Jae Suk is always been a draw but they also need to have physical challenges because that is the strength of Kim Jong Kook and even Yang Se Chan. Maybe at least six name tag eliminations per year?

Maybe they can bring back the flying chair?

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