Back in 2019, I went to this wedding with my male college buddies in beautiful Tagaytay. Whenever we get into these trips, we call it "Sausagefest" because we intend to just "man out", disregarding all girly things as much as possible.

And unlike most interactions I have with them, I have the computer, the permission to use their images for as long as I don’t mess on things, and the software to go nuts on my creativity (I have this tendency to post things without their approval and the internet isn't as forgiving when it comes to "doing cool things").

It has been three years since that wedding.

Work sucks because I can’t do the things I love – and this is pretty much a given.

I am also a notorious procrastinator.

This sucks as well.

Anyway, here are the title cards I tried to make for the “documentary” I was trying to film. I thought I could do a three-parter but I ended up playing Clash Royale and watching Korean variety on the other parts. I tried to finish the docu with the resources I have but unfortunately, my external hard drive got destroyed by some goof who thought it was a good idea to open said external hard drive without the proper knowledge.

I lost a lot of my previous work files in the process.