Updated: Jun 20

So like most Filipinos, I hate Koreans whenever I see them play basketball. I think Koreans are angrier towards the Chinese because they are basically their Asian basketball archenemies, but I bet they hate us whenever we blow our rivalry to extreme proportions.

Seo Jang Hoon's case is a special case. Remember Lee Sang Min? He is the dude that drained the triple after Olsen Racela missed the heart-breaking free throws?

Seo Jang Hoon is also part of the 2002 Asian Games squad that also had the likes of Hyun Joo Yup and Moon Kyung Eun (the latter two are part of the basketball-themed reality show, Unnies Are Running: Witch Fitness Basketball Team).

Jang Hoon is a two-time Korean Basketball League MVP and an eight-time KBL Best 5 member (their version of the Mythical Five).

Jang Hoon has since dabbled in entertainment after his retirement and has appeared in two popular programs - Knowing Bros and Mom's Diary. It was in Knowing Bros (or Ask Us Anything) that he shone the brightest - playing the part of the serious gigantic guy who gets belittled by his friends.

In this particular episode though, Jang Hoon showed why he is one of Korea's top basketball players of all time.

In the Knowing Bros episode that featured legendary Korean baller Hur Jae (Allan Caidic's Korean archenemy), Jang Hoon displayed his awesome free-throw accuracy. While he is no Mark Price in the charity stripe, he showed that he can still hit his free throws despite the absurdity.

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