Okay. Here’s a quick hit.

I am usually open to most opportunities.

Sometimes, I am a little TOO OPEN that it kind of ruins a lot of things.

With that said, ever since I traded away a couple of my Funko pops for money, I can say have made a substantial amount of profit. At the moment, I have sold my Wayne’s World pops (Wayne and Garth), Xena: Warrior Princess pop, and Kristaps Porzingis – Dallas Mavericks pop. I have also traded some of my NBA cards… although the hobby has gone stale these past few months – probably due to Panini overloading the market with their cards.

I am also trying to monetize on my Hot Wheels… although I am still procrastinating on the thought.

I will never again attempt to sell my shit outside Metro Manila though.

I don’t like going to unfamiliar places and I think I fear people with packages – much like how Anthrax rocked the world a couple of eras prior.

The thing is, Manila-based delivery services can be booked within a span of minutes and since they are just carrying your package, it will be delivered safely to the destination despite the absence of bubble wraps and packaging tapes.

For this, I have to wait for payment confirmation. I also have to depend on the two-hour Saturday morning window because I don’t like spending too much time outside because of the pandemic.

If my life is a mess inside the confines of my home, then why I should mess it up further by going outside for the sake of I dunno… sending a bubble-wrapped box… taped to the core… with three pops going to who-knows-where???

So yeah, inasmuch as I have to continue to persevere in this shipping order... this is going to be my last time.