#letterkenny #shoresy

I am a huge Letterkenny mark.

I even have their Funko Pops and I also got duped for buying a shitty shirt from Lazada.

With that said, seeing Jared Keeso as Shoresy is basically like Bizarro Wayne.

Anyway, I like the direction they are taking here. The problem with Letterkenny is that you won't understand the hicks because of how they say things... and it's not like Shoresy has a dialect. The Reilly and Jonesy reference is also gratifying. At least there is a chance that there would be a crossover episode.

Also, most of the characters, at least from this clip, aren't as cartoony as the series they were taken from. I'd say that if they are going to mainstream Letterkenny to a foreign audience, they need to put Shoresy first.

Or maybe it's just me?