This is awesome.

I guess I am missing the era of Running Man where they run, hide, and just go insane inside a particular space. I also believe in KISS - Keep(ing) it simple, (you decide what S word you want to insert).

This is what Running Man Philippines should do, in my opinion. They don't need to run all the time... they just need to be creative in what they'll do... and kudos to all the participants for making me follow the narrative from 0:00 to 32:08 (I also had to watch four ads because I was too wasted to press "skip ads").

I know Smosh isn't drawing unlike the days of Ian and Anthony but some of their shows are good like Eat It or Yeet It, the funeral and exes series, and Try Not to Laugh.

I haven't been following Smosh Games because I find the old cast better. I know they have moved on to other things but that's just my opinion. With that said, this current situation with Shayne Topp as one of the main draws is cool.

Anyway, I hope they make this a quarterly thing. Maybe they can do this when they try to re-decorate their workspace or something. I'm interested to see how Ian, Olivia, Keith, Jackie, Amanda, and Kimmy would react in this scenario and as well as the people of Good Mythical Morning.

And yeah, I thought they screwed Noah.

The hints need to be more expensive.

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