Sometimes, I think Spencer Cornelia sounds like your condescending elementary school health, arts, and music teacher. He thinks his subject is far superior to math, science, language, and history but he's the only one who thinks that.

Eventually, however, that teacher raises a valid point.

I mean, would you rather learn about the periodic table or how to check artsy literature or music?

Of course, the latter is cooler, unless you're an elementary school science teacher.

Anyway, since I am Filipino, I get to know Axie Infinity. Yes, it's a Pokemon ripoff, and almost installed this on my phone when I hear a couple of my friends doing well because of these virtual pets. Lucky (or unluckily) for me, work forced me into this sad state and I turned on other things to make my life worthwhile.

Like basketball cards.

Can someone buy my basketball cards?

So Axie Infinity, much like most bitcoins at the moment, is in dire straits. And like what Spencer Cornelia said in his vlog, it's a "cute" pyramid scheme that is most likely to fail.

But I am not saying that Axie Infinity is bad either. The reason why many Filipinos are riding its fad is that they know it is a fad. I remember when the Ragnarok swept the country in the early 2000s and unearthed a lot of kinds of gamers. Most of them are playing for fun, others are selling online items for money, and there are others who pilot the characters when their owners are busy finishing high school. I had a friend who bought a car because of his items and up until its fall, gamers knew when to give up their items or at least resign to the fact that their efforts are now solely for pleasure and not for business.

It's the same case as Axie Infinity. It's stupid to have a mindset of quitting your job to solely play for a fad. It's not that stupid to earn and quit your job to redirect your attention to some other money-making endeavor. Yes, it's a Pokemon ripoff but unlike Pokemon Go, there is an underlying agenda when you play it. I blog for fun but there are times I link my articles to social media and put Adsense on my articles for the sake of getting a little bit of cash. Pokemon Go was awesome for a month before the fad died down because there is no noteworthy endgame. Axie Infinity is basically spamming its "awesomeness" until the well dries.

Axie Infinity will suffer its decline in a couple of years and it's safe to say that it had served its purpose.

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