I saw the Game 3 highlights of the Golden State and Denver game.

Steph Curry is just cold-blooded in the playoffs.

I mean... I am not dissing or missing LeBron James but LBJ would have had the same intensity if the Lakers made the playoffs. There is this certain thing about great players and their willingness to perform big when it matters. Curry and Klay Thompson had it here with Nikola Jokic also bringing it for the Nuggets.

Like what the NBA on TNT folks said though, it feels as if Curry is driving an elite support crew with Jokic going Rambo virtually on his own. Sure, he has players supporting him but Joker's intensity doesn't rub off on them.

This is where you miss Jamal Murray. When Denver was at the height of its power in the bubble playoffs, Jokic had mechanical numbers but it was Murray that gave his teammates a spark.

I really can't imagine Denver winning the series, especially with how crazy Steph Curry and the rest of his team are at the moment.