This is stress food!

Either the food will cure your stress or the preparation of the food will STRESS YOU OUT!

So I am not a stranger to insane edible crap. There was a time when I dug ketchup on my noodles. As I said, I am that kind of a person. I think every crappy dish can be cured with egg and the more burnt the hotdog, the more satisfied I am.

My kid is the only one who digs my food and I bet there's an expiration date for that especially when I told him that this is the inspiration behind my cooking.

I miss these guys.

Anyway, a day before, I went to Eastwood and saw this Mercato. Of course, Mercato foods mean Mercato prices and while some had Pinoy things, I went with Korean grub. I thought of giving it to my K-Drama lovin' Mom but she couldn't eat it because the tteokbokki and fishcake I bought were hella spicy.

Also, work made me crazy.

I just want to "win" at something.

And I "succeeded" in making a midnight snack (yes, I was working until the wee hours) made from Mercato leftovers and spicy-ass ramen.

Would I recommend this to people? Maybe... if you like carbo-loading with a hint of suffering? The combo of spices made my skin cry and finishing the grub in the wee hours of midnight made me queasy.

Also, the MSG made me crazy sleepy which meant that I basically made an edible representation of really confusing messaging.

But yeah, I am going to make this again. For some reason, re-boiling the fishcake brought this awesome broth taste. The tteokbokki is a bit much - but spicy fishcake and ramen is something that I would do again in the future.

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