I am a copywriter.

And another term to describe my work is promo writing.

I am in the business of helping the show get viewers by creating short previews. The TVCs can be centered on the story, the main character, or the main selling point (like hot hunks and chicks).

Now Buzzfeed Unsolved had this vlog about subliminal advertising.

I doubt if Marshall McLuhan said anything about this during his lifetime but I believe this is a thing.

I don't know if this helped that person out but back in the day, I made this plug. Enrico Villanueva won the 2005-06 PBA Fiesta Cup Best Player of the Conference award and Kerby Raymundo wants none of it.

So he said he's the MVP, and when I doing the plug, I asked the editor to just repeat the statement and just cut-zoom on his face every time he said it.

While yeah, James Yap ended up as the MVP of that season but Kerby Raymundo is forever known for this statement. I think this is a good thing for his brand. Some players are known for their moves and others are known for their attributes.

Kerby is known for this statement... and it probably helped him get into the 40 Greatest Players list - outlasting the likes of Danny Seigle, Nelson Asaytono, Abe King, Arnie Tuadles, Yoyoy Villamin, Olsen Racela, Dindo Pumaren, Jeffrey Cariaso, Bong Alvarez, Bong Hawkins, and a host of others.


Also, you need to check this Buzzfeed Unsolved vlog out.

You REALLY need to check it out because the research will wow you and make you do things like share my blog with others or share my blog with other people.

Anyway, here it is.