As I was writing about the Phoenix Suns and how the NBA messed a potential ultimate underdog storyline, I just realized why I am not that invested in the current NBA season.

I guess for the first time in like… almost a decade… I am entering the playoffs without a fantasy league reaction. The last day of the regular season could have given me a high… or damning low, especially if I miss my fantasy league’s playoffs.

There is a league wherein I am tied for first and there’s another one where I placed prominently (4 of 20). And there’s another league in which I am out completely – no thanks to Kyrie Irving being an undroppable and no one is willing to get him off my grasps.

So I made a teaser video of my re-introduction to the world of Fantasy Basketball.

I combined my need to justify buying a badass gaming laptop… I mean EDITING laptop… and my love for fantasy basketball.

Here’s the thing about me – I gather all the info I need right after the regular season. I would check the players’ numbers for the entire season but I will also have something that pinpoints his post-trade deadline performance. I rarely go to a fantasy draft without a player in question and right now, with the current information I am holding at the moment, I think I have a couple of persons in mind as my second, third, and fourth-round picks.

Oh yeah… I like to pick late in the first round because I trust myself to select the supposed first-rounders in the second round of the draft. While some draft based on gut feel, I get my mojo by coming in prepared.

And yeah again… I just picked up a Kevin Durant Funko Pop for comedic purposes and I have no intention of drafting him if he lands at around the Top 15 to 20 part of the draft. I mean… KD did not play in the entire 2019-20 NBA season… just like Klay Thompson and in some ways, Steph Curry.

Only a goofball would select them at the top part of the draft.



Seriously I am to go for Kevin Durant in the first-round so back off.

Get Sydrified!

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