So the thing about chess is that… you have to be insane to figure shit out.

For example, I thought it was a good idea to hound a bishop but for some reason… I freely gave my opponent two pawns. I also missed an opportunity to eliminate a pawn (it was adjacent to his queen with a knight blocking her path) but good thing another opportunity opened.

Maybe it’s the coffee… the one Red Horse I drank… the huge poop I dumped after I drank… or my lower body aching after a near-three hour stroll in search of a new laptop but my senses were in a high alert on whatever crazy scheme he was planning to do.

I saw what he’s going to do… and I’m sure he’s too preoccupied to notice what I was trying to do.

So yeah... I won... OUTTA NOWHERE!!!

Oh, and by the way... the opening I did is apparently called Pirc Defence: Marokzy Defense. I don't know what I did but basically, I opened the game with the two center pawns to the middle and then acting like a dick and snubbing the pawn that I could have eaten. All I know is that when faced with a dilemma, the entrance theme of Eddie Guerrero (Lie, Cheat, and Steal) plays in my head and I would then look for ways to win "awesomely" and hopefully, mistake-free as well.

Anyway, if you want a piece of me... in the chess sense because I am pretty weak... go to and hunt down my name or PM me on social media!

Get Sydrified!

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