So I woke up feeling tired.

I curled for a hundred reps and dosing off in front of a blasting aircon without any form of covering… is a dumb move.

I thought it was a bad idea to test my brain cells on but for some reason… it turned out to be a good thing.

Seven moves.

My career-high in is six.

That was ages ago though.

So yeah… seven moves.

I naturally open with the king’s pawn to let loose my white bishop and then I’ll unleash my queen to check for viable opportunities. When the opponent sees this, he would ultimately badger my queen before setting its sights on the white bishop. Usually, I’d help the queen by letting my black bishop in the scheme of things but most often, these moves set up a bad precedent wherein I lose my favorite weapons in a span of sequences.

It’s silly because… I am most comfortable opening with the king’s pawn but I don’t want to kill off my bishops.

Anyway, here is one instance where I reaped the rewards.

So if you want to get angsty with me, you know where to find me!

Get Sydrified!

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