For the past few days, I just wanted to rest.

I have a ton of timecodes to check out.

Apart from getting paid to think (which I know I’m good at) and getting paid to get my grammar right (still working on this one), I think I just want to stroll around and do nothing for at least the weekend.

So I have played a couple of chess games… but I did not attempt to document it because I just wanted to chill.

As of this writing, it’s almost 3 am… I just timecoded at least 20 percent of the major thing I need to finish this week and I am hoping to get at least one quick win to put on my blog.

And here it is.

For starters, this isn’t a quick match at all. I made my opponent tap out in 27 moves and it started crazy. My opponent started fiercely with the pawn to E4 and then the queen at F3… and that prompted me to create a fortress in which every piece has a backup plan.

My opponent did the same. He went from offensive to defensive because I tried to find holes in his defense.

But you know what – the thing about being defensive is that something is going to give. Within seconds I ate three consecutive pawns and all of a sudden have three major pieces on his side.

Within seconds he lost his rook, my queen had the opportunity to knock three of his major pieces, and I ended up a happy camper.

Again, if you want to arrange a fight, contact me.

Get Sydrified.

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