So I was hammering this chess game.

On the verge of victory even.

And then for some reason, I made a monumental blunder.

I moved my knight… and it left my queen wide open for his bishop.


With that said, losing a queen to an obvious swindle from a bishop isn’t as bad as you would think… especially if you have successfully imbalanced the board and rendered the rest of his pieces useless.

Yes, this is a story of retribution.

At first, I was worried. I mean… dammit, I lost my queen! With that said, his queen could only go diagonal at that point. Also, it’s not like I don’t have either his bishop or his knight at gunpoint. I have also three pawns on his side and having pawns on the opposing side helps a player limit that player’s movements.

Also, this is one reason why I prefer bishops over rooks.

Rooks are hapless victims early in the game and even the biggest obstacles to attack with the bishops and knights trying to gang on them.

While the rooks are basically the secret weapon on offense and the last line of defense during the later stages, bishops run the board from the get-go.

But with my queen out of commission, I had my knight and a pawn as my MVP. They made it easy for my bishop and my rooks to trap his king. It didn’t help that the king should have gone deep than to push forward… but with that nasty chokepoint, I basically had the game on auto-win.

Get Sydrified.

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