Just bought a new phone and now testing Wix's mobile blogging.

Didn't think I would enjoy it.

Stuck in rot for some time now and looking for ways to be... less normal?

Because you know... I am kind of weird so I need to be... un-weird?

I want to check out Netflix's Cowboy Bebop but seeing the reviews makes me think twice. I just watched the latest episode of Running Man and I'm also going to check out the latest episode of Game of Blood and New World.

New World is a Big Brother-styled variety program. It's like Temptation Island meets Running Man. The island has stunning visuals and the cast is awesome. Lee Seunggi and Eun Jiwon are awesome since their Two Days One Night days. Super Junior's Heechul (also of Knowing Bros) and Park Narae are Korean Variety blue-chippers. EXO's Kai and Jo Bo-Ah make things pretty on the eyes as well.

More on this later.