Ted Lasso just gave me another reason to choose between NBA cards and Funko pops.

I haven't seen the second season yet because of work but I really love the story of an American football coach making a name in the realm of world football. I am never an athlete and I love Survivor-themed programs so I love sports politics. But Lasso is more than a bumbling buffoon who unknowingly took on an insurmountable challenge. Just think of this as Major League but the owner is a kind-hearted woman (as the series went on).

Also, it's a shock to see Keeley Hazell in this series.

I have been a fan of Jason Sudeikis since his Saturday Night Live days (or the dudes who constantly break character alongside Bill Hader, Kirsten Wiig, and Fred Armisen). There was a time I loathe him though (when I heard he's the then-husband of Olivia Wilde). But I must admit - I thought this just going to be an extension of the Michael Scott character.

Luckily, it is not.

I think the Pop is incredibly pricey. If the pop is worth 2000 pesos and up, then that's a pass for me.

Otherwise, sign me up.

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