Updated: Jun 20

You don't cast Kim Kyung Hoon to do well with challenges.

You cast Kim Kyung Hoon for being a straight-up savage.

I am so happy that he's outed as The Black Sheep this early in the season. I am also kind of happy that he's not portrayed as the bumbling buffoon as compared to his The Genius days. Much like Jang Dong Min when he was part of Society Game, Kyung Hoon is more conniving, calculated, and really being like a villain.

Not going to say much about the second episode. The elimination process - in all its entirety - is really insane. It's really cruel but more importantly, I thought they should have given the competitors more than enough time to state their cases. Maybe it's the editing but the way they eliminated the Wonder Girl is a bit shallow. I know they are working on codenames but it was a targeted assault.

And the worse part here is that Kyung Hoon is basically the only one who was trying to save HA:TFELT. This means either the other black sheep is working for himself or the rest of the bunch are just working on clues with the least possible substance.

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