I rarely join biddings now but one day, I just went to eBay in search of this card.

I was checking out COMC and I really wanted this 2020-21 Hoops SLAM card because I always loved the Chicago Bulls version of Derrick Rose. It's unfortunate that he's probably going to end up as the worst NBA MVP ever and it's definitely because of his injury issues.

He is currently the youngest though - at least that's a good record to have.

Anyway, it's not like it's that pricy though. I think it was five minutes to go and only two dollars of bidding. With five dollars in shipping, I thought it was enough.

With that said, I forgot about this acquisition until last week.

Mail day brought me three eBay packages - one being the DX Funko pops and the other being my Nikola Vucevic card collection.

The SLAM cards are awesome and I'll probably be going to collect all of the base cards. I am not that keen on the variations especially if I am not that sold on the player (I don't want the Kyrie Irving card).

I'm thinking of collecting the Derrick Rose rookie cards but I'm probably going to do this once I get my COMC hauls.